Agnes ( A2) Azzolino
Letter to Students, First Assignment, & Weekly Report

Dear Student,

    Hi. This letter serves 3 purposes:
1. It introduces me to you.
2. It states the policies of my classes.
3. It is part of your first homework assignment, to digitally write a letter introducing you to me, and your weekly report.

    Before I introduce myself, here are two policies that take effect immediately.

Remote Live - students and faculty online together at scheduled class times

On Campus - with desks & chairs & with instruction & the book on a screen
        To be posted at a later time.

    What follows is a revision of the Spring 2020 letter for a totally on-campus course. Same on-campus rules applied in the spring as now in the fall.

    This means, put your cell phone away and do not use it or permit it to be visible.

    If you need to use the restroom, use it now. You will not be permitted to do so later unless you leave the class for the rest of the day.

A Bit About Me

    I am the mother of a 41-year-old tug boat captain and company president, a landlord who lives on the bay in Keyport, and the webmaster of, and I go by "asquared," "agnes," or "Professor Azzolino." I have been a teacher, tutor, day-care center "math lady," stage manager, grip, waitress, deck hand, captain, author and company president.

    I am the recipient of an AMATYC 1997 Award for Teaching Excellence and a MATYCNJ 1999 Outstanding Service Award, and the AMTNJ 2017 Max Sobel Award for Outstanding Service and Leadership in Mathematics Education, was twice president of MATYCNJ and once president of AMTNJ. A full time two-year college teacher, I created the Graphing with Manipulatives line of products. My publications include: Math Games for the Young Child, How to Use Writing to Teach Mathematics, Math Spoken Here!, Exploring Functions through the Use of Manipulatives, Term Tiles and NCTM's classic Mathematics and Humor. I am a Life Member of NCTM and AMATYC and an Honorary Life Member of AMTNJ. I really enjoy being webmaster of,, and my college website named I enjoy stringing beads. Most of all I love being the mother of Michael Vinik, the grandmother of Nicholas Charles Vinik, & the mother-in-law of Liz Vinik.

    I welcome you to ask questions in class and REQUIRE you to quietly discuss a math problem with other students once you complete the problem in class. If you wish to discuss how you feel in class, phone or email me, or stop by my office. I also welcome you to come to my office, even if you just want company doing homework.

math home

    Contact me by office phone at 732-548-6000 x 3952 (when we are on campus). See me in my office in Main Hall room 183. Email me at (not prefered) or at home (prefered) by using the message box at or the link at the button at the left.

    The pace of the course is determined by the math department's course outline. It is your responsibility to learn the material. It is my responsibility to make the learning process as productive as possible. Ask questions. If you wish me to slow down, restate what I've just said, write it in symbols, write it in words, explain it in a different way, STOP ME and ask if I would do what you wish! I do have some flexibility in how the material is presented.

    I enjoy teaching and try to make learning fun. Each semester, I try to make the course and my teaching better. In addition to the usual quizzes and tests, I write the web pages, connect-the-dots, yes, connect-the-dots, and games and tools we use. I wrote this page and the form on which you submit your letter.

    More Classroom Policies
  • Be in the classroom on time because quizzes usually start at the beginning of class. If you are late, there is no make-up quiz.
  • If it is necessary that you leave during class, pick up your stuff and walk out the door as quietly as possible, but, do not return.
  • DO NOT SPEAK EVEN QUIETLY WHILE I AM SPEAKING. Speak, discuss the math while I am not speaking.
  • If it is truely an emergency and you need to use the restroom, raise your hand, wave and point to the door, make eye contact with me, exit, return, and do not say a word. Do not expect to be able to do this regularly.
  • If you miss a class, check the course outline to determine what work you must do, read the material in the text, do the homework, and look at the notes posted at the bottom of your class homepage.
  • Spend 1.5-2 hours in class for lecture and completing problems. For EACH hour of class, spend TWO hours doing homework. Homework is not collected unless you are told it will be collected in an earlier class.
  • Read the day's textbook sections. Complete the ODD exercises. Review class notes posted through your class web page linked through so that you are prepared for a quiz when the next class begins.
  • Do not place a backpace or purse on desk.
  • Keep tract of your grades. Raw test and monthly quiz grades are posted on Canvas as soon as they are available. This prof will not discuss grades unless in an office hour.
    Project Connections:
  • If you are a student with a learning disability and wish an accommodations or adaptive testing, please contact Project Connections, 732-906-2507, located in Johnson Learning Center, and provide me with the appropriate paperwork.
    Testing Issues:
  • Tests are like job interviews made months in advance: Treat them as such. Don't miss a test. I DON'T GIVE MAKE UP TESTS. If you miss the final exam, you can not pass the course.
  • There are no make-up tests or assignments -- not for a court appearance, not for a doctor's appointment, not for an accident, ...
  • During a test or quiz, keep your hands and arms on or above desk, NOT in your lap or below the desk.
  • Put all pencil cases, purses, laptops, note and textbooks, and backpacks below the desk.
  • Put calculators and phones where directed.
  • Print both your first and last names on the test, then, sign your name on the test.
  • For each question on which you need me to see your work, write "** see work on the back **" and neatly label and write the work on the back.
  • There usually is a quiz almost every other class, usually covering the CONTENT OF THE CLASS SINCE THE LAST QUIZ, usually administered at the beginning of class.
  • Do not share a calculator with another student, not even when one student has completed the test and another student wishes to borrow the calculator. It is considered cheating.
  • Hands are to remain on the desk during a test or quiz. Do not put your hand or hands on your lap or in your pocket.
  • Neatly PRINT your first name, last name, and class color on each page of all tests/quizzes as soon as you get the paper.
    Adapted Testing
  • If you wish "Adapted Testing" -- extended time, out of class testing, etc, provide me with the appropriate paperwork AT LEAST ONE WEEK before the hour the test is to begin. That means BEFORE the class a week before the test, not after class or later that day, BEFORE the class a week before the test.
  • As per instruction of Rob Myung-In Kim, Director, Testing Center, "If a student needs testing accommodations, they must go see their counselor in Project Connection only if they have been accepted by Project Connections. If not, they must go see one of the disability counselors over in Edison Hall ("
  • Appropriate paper work means a completed "green sheet" - AZZOLINO version.
  • For adapted testing instructions, see: Instructions for Using Adapted Testing Services.
  • For more info on adapted testing, like hours the office is open, visit the MCC Adapted Testing web page at:
    Assignments, Classes, & Tests:
  • All assignments are to be handed in just before the start of class.
  • There are no make-up tests or assignments -- not for a court appearance, not for a doctor's appointment, not for an accident, ...
  • There is no such thing as a late assignment. If late (not turned in the instant class begins), the assignment will not be graded.
  • There usually is a quiz almost every other class, usually covering the CONTENT OF THE CLASS SINCE THE LAST QUIZ, usually administered at the beginning of class.
  • For EACH hour of class, spend TWO hours doing homework. The daily homework assignment is to read and review the assisgned section in the book stated on the course outline, to complete the odd numbered problems, and to prepare as needed so that when you enter the next class you are prepared to ace a quiz on the material from the last class and the homework.
  • DO NOT work with another student on a test or assignment unless you are told to do so. If two students hand in the same work, they are assumed to be cheating and graded according to the Grading Policy.
  • I must be able to see your face as you are taking a quiz, test, exam. You must be able to email an image of a quiz, test, exam to me immediately upon completing the assessment.
  • Every class is recorded. Be aware that your image may be recorded even though you do not remember reading this announcement.
  • For assignments, tests, quizzes to be completed under "Remote Live" and on campus conditions: All these rules hold.
    1. No communication (spoken, texted, phone message or conversation, written, file, image, etc.) with any other person at any time during the testing period or after the testing period.
    2. No sharing of calculator, phone, etc.
    3. No calculatoror notes or source other than the test/quiz unless the prof says their use is permitted.
    Technology is required:
  • On campus: TI84 calculator, phone or laptop w/internet connection to view textbook or web only when prof says to do so
  • Remote live: TI84 calculator, internet connection, email program, printer, audio & video capabilities, paint program (in which to write math expression, etc.), bamboo or stylus software if possible, pdf file creater or cell phone (with which one might produce an image or file of a quiz or exam then email it to the prof)
    School Closing & Security
  • If you have any questions or safety concerns, call the MCC Police Department at extension 2500 or call 911.
  • To find out if school is closed use the weather phone number: 732-906-2555 or go to the college website.
  • Class Cancellation:     If you miss class or the class is cancelled, review the material on your own.
    Enrollment in this Course:
  • Only students enrolled in this section and listed on the "Tenth Day Roster" are permitted to attend class and to complete graded assignments. Re-admission to this section requires official registration.

  • Missing a Class or Classes puts one in academic jeopardy.
          If one misses even 1 class, catching up MAY BE impossible (particularly in precalc).
          If you miss 2 classes? or 3?! or 4?????!!!!! it is even worse.
          You may also be perfectly OK.
          Things to consider:
                · Have you had the course before? recently?
                · How is your math background? If you are in Calc I, could you pass a quick, easy quiz on 30°, 45°, 60° trig functions, and angles in radians and degrees? Try this quiz and I will grade it for you with no impact on your course grade.
                · You are taking a remote-live class and it is not possible to change to a different math class after the first class meeting. Perhaps that is possible because of COVID19
                · If this remote-live class is not going to work in your situation, perhaps you can move to an online course or hybrid course may be an option.
                · Is a medical withdrawl -- with no gpa issue, but withdrawl from all courses -- a solution?
                · Though I do not give makeups, I do at the end of the semseter review overall performance before I finalize a grade.
          If you have COVID-related absences, keep me informed through you 1st Homework & Weekly Reports

I never failed a course before. I don't even know the signs of beginning to fail.

Miss 1 class, one might think:
· No big deal. It's only one class. I can catch up.
· I got an A in this in high school. How hard can it be to catch up. I already know this stuff.
· The prof can catch me up in her office.
math home Contact
· My chem lab partner said the Tutoring Center helps and it also helps with writing. Maybe they can help me with that essay, I really have to work on that.
MCChome Tutoring Center
Miss 2 classes, one might think:
· I can't believe I failed that quiz -- it was so easy.
· It must be her fault -- I never failed anything before.
· I just need some time to catch up.
· Note: This student is now failing the course.
· I went to her office and it was good, but, I don't have time to keep going there.
· Maybe I should go to counseling to see what to do. They helped me before.
· I just need some time to catch up.
· Maybe I should talk to the prof.
math home Contact Prof
MCChome Counseling
Home Page
General Counseling:
MCChome Disability Services:
Career & Transfer:
MCChome International Student:
Miss 3 classes, one might think:
· I didn't get what we did in class today -- it was like listening to a foreign language.
· I remember what we did in class today, I'm just rusty. I just need more time.
· I remember what we did in class today, I'm just rusty. I just need more time and she just keeps doing more new stuff.
· Can I catch up?
· She wouldn't fail me would she?
· If I drop this course do I loose my scholarship?
· I'm behind in my other classes, too. I just need more time.
· Maybe I should talk to the prof or my department chair, whoever that is.
Academic Departments
Miss 4 classes:   Missed 2 weeks of class, one might think:
· I should go to counseling to see what to do.
· I should go see the Dean to see if I can get out of this mess. If I only had more time.
· Maybe I really should talk to the prof or my Department Chair.
· It is unbelievable how fast this gets worse!
Miss 5 classes:   Missed more than 2 weeks of class, one might think:
· A Dean may be able to help you make an informed decisions regarding how much is "too much" to miss and what [your] options you have.*
            *From the notes of Jennifer Applebee, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Mathematics, MCC with regard to an
                    Academic Plan for Return To Campus Task Force Documents of Linda B. Scherr, Ph.D., Vice President, Academic Affairs, MCC and her committee.

Student Class Absence Due to Covid-19-related Illness (for use in Fall 2020)

  • If you decide not to continue in the course, OFFICIALLY drop the course so you do not earn an F by not completing the course.
          May 11, 2021 is the last day to withdraw from full-term courses. See: Add/Drop a Class. I think you can do this on your phone.

    Assignment Code: 1st
    Assignment Title:  Part 1 of the 1st GRADED HOMEWORK
    Due:  Friday at Midnight, January 29, 2021:
    Through this page, write a short letter to introduce yourself to me.     The letter must be submitted by Midnight Friday January 29, 2021..
    1. What's your class color:   blue   green   yellow
    2. What's your two-digit personal number (recieved in class)
    3. What's your personal#.LastName.FirstName.ClassColorLetter  
    4. What name or nickname do you wish used in class?    
    5. What's the (ONLY ONE!) email address that you would like me to use to contact you?    
    6. Use the above info to create your Subject Line with Assignment Code.
        · It will go in the subject line of each email not sent through a forms page.
        · It should have all of the following info: 1.) your personal #, 2.) ., 3.) your LastName.FirstName.letter for your class color, 4.) space, 5.) <your email address between the symbols>. , 6.) space, 7.) the Assignment Code
        · It should look like the line below.
                      00.Azzolino.Agnes.B <> 1st
    7. State the month and year you last attended a math course.  
    8. & 9. What was the name of your last math course?    What grade did you get? 
    10. On a scale from 0 (low) to 10 (high), how good are you at math?    
    11. What is your major? What are your career plans?
    12. It is your job to teach me who you are. Give me a few words about you so I can better recall who you are.
        · For example, about me one might write: son Mike tugboat captain, likes beads, math prof, webmaster
    13. What is important for me to know about you to make your semester more successful? What did I forget to ask? How can I help the most?
        · If you wish me to go over a problem then perhaps give a list of instructions, this I can probably do.
        · If you wish me to go over more problems similar to the first, you will need to come to my office.
    14. Is Covid having an impact on you out of class?

        After submitting your work, you should see a green page.

    Assignment Code: W.Month#.Date#
    Assignment Title:  THE LAST Weekly Report
    Please state:
    1. a. class color:   blue   green   yellow
        b. your number:
    2. your name used in class    
    3. your email address    
    yellow/green   blue ******************************
    Your course outline is linked above.
    4. What sections or days must you work on before the final?
    5. What should I try to spend more time on next semester?
    6. On the day before the final, we review and talk about grades.
        Is there any topic you wish to review?
       Use section or day number from above
    7.Other comments?    

        Stay safe. Enjoy the summer!   [MC,i. Home] © 4/28/21, Agnes Azzolino