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Your Computer's Spreadsheet  

    You are strongly encouraged to take notes with pencil & paper and using the computer.

    NOTE: No points have been marked on this page for BREAKs. Decide for yourself when to break.

Create a Pie Chart  
1st: Create and label the data you wish to analyze.
Any number, such as a year, which is to be a
label must have quotes around it.
2nd: This array is named from the top left corner
to the bottom right corner.
3rd: Use the Chart Wizard Button on the Toolbar to
create tables & graphs.
4th: Follow the Wizard step by step.
5th: Edit or fill in information as desired or needed.
6th: Place the chart on the sheet next to the data.
7th: Once the chart is completed, you may edit position,
size, label location.
8th: Select an area of the sheet which includes the chart then
use the File Menu & Print command to print the pie chart.

Last Class Class Home spread sheet notes Class Table Next Class

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