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      MSH! Classes - Sort Data on the Spreadsheet, Pg. 4

Your Computer's Spreadsheet  

    You are strongly encouraged to take notes with pencil & paper and using the computer.

    NOTE: No points have been marked on this page for BREAKs. Decide for yourself when to break.

Rename A Sheet  
1st: At the bottom of the screen, where the sheet is named,
right-click on the name.
2nd: Type the desire name, using no fancy punctution.
3rd: Click elsewhere on the screen or press enter to
finalize the name.

Hide or Unhide Rows & Columns  
1st: Highlight the rows [or columns] you wish to hide from view.
2nd: Press: Alt + F, then R, the H
(to Use Format Menu, then Row, then Hide).
Columns & Unhide work in a similar fashion.

Sort Data  

    The Toolbar has two sorting buttons and a Data Menu which facilitates more sophisticated sorts.

1st: Select the column of data to be sorted.
2nd: Click on the Sort Ascending or Sort Descending button.

    If you wish to sort by one feature of grouped data, use the Data Menu.

1st: Select all column which must be sorted.
2nd: Press the Data Menu.
3rd: Select the column(s), in order, you wish to use
to sort this grouped data.
4th: Select the kind of sort you wish to have
performed (on each column).
5ht: Press OK to complete the sort.

Last Class Class Home spread sheet notes Class Table Next Class

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