Agnes, Teacher (Scribe in the House of Life)

First Assignment & Letter to My Students
    © January 2018, A. Azzolino

Dear Student,

    Hi. First I will introduce myself and tell you some class rules, then you will introduce yourself to me in a letter.

    I am the mother of a 38-year-old tug boat captain and company president, a landlord who lives on the bay in Keyport, and the webmaster of, and I go by "asquared," "agnes," or "Professor Azzolino." I have been a teacher, tutor, day-care center "math lady," stage manager, grip, waitress, deck hand, captain, author and company president.

    I am the recipient of an AMATYC 1997 Award for Teaching Excellence and a MATYCNJ 1999 Outstanding Service Award, and the AMTNJ 2017 Max Sobel Award for Outstanding Service and Leadership in Mathematics Education, was twice president of MATYCNJ and once president of AMTNJ. A full time two-year college teacher, I created the Graphing with Manipulatives line of products. My publications include: Math Games for the Young Child, How to Use Writing to Teach Mathematics, Math Spoken Here!, Exploring Functions through the Use of Manipulatives, Term Tiles and NCTM's classic Mathematics and Humor. I am a Life Member of NCTM and AMATYC. I really enjoy being webmaster of,,, and my college website named I enjoy stringing beads. Most of all I love being the mother of tugboat captain and company president Michael Vinik and the grandmother of his son Nicholas Charles Vinik.

    I really enjoy teaching and try to make learning fun. I welcome you to ask questions in class and REQUIRE you to quietly discuss a math problem with other students once you complete the problem in class. I also welcome you to come to my office. If you want company doing homework. If you wish to discuss how you feel in class, phone or email me, or stop by my office.

math home

    Contact me by office phone at 732-548-6000 x 3952 or home phone at 732-739-3951. See me in my office in room BH200F in Billy Johnson Hall. Email me at or at home by using the message box at or the link at the button at the left.

    The pace of the course is determined by the math department's course outline. It is your responsibility to learn the material. It is my responsibility to make the learning process as productive as possible. Ask questions. If you wish me to slow down, restate what I've just said, write it in symbols, write it in words, explain it in a different way, STOP ME and ask if I would do what you wish! I do have some flexibility in how the material is presented.

    In general we spend 1.5-2 hours in class where I lecture and you do problems, then, for EACH hour of class, you spend TWO hours doing homework. This includes reading the day's textbook sections and completing the odd exercises. Class notes and a course outline are posted through your class web page linked through For each test a "cheat sheet" is required at the time class begins. You may NOT use the cheat sheet on the test but it will help you study and will improve your quiz grade.

    Have a good semester.

Class Policy

  • For EACH hour of class, spend TWO hours doing homework. This includes reading the day's textbook sections and completing the odd exercises.
  • Don't talk when I talk. TALK when I am not talking.
  • Students must be in the classroom before class begins and remain the entire class period. If you must leave, do not come back.
  • All assignments are to be handed in at the start of class.
  • At the start of class on the day of each test, a cheat sheet must be turned in, and is NOT used on the test. The cheat sheet is a summary of the material covered on the test organized in a section-by-section format.
  • No cell phones, laptops, ..., are to be VISIBLE or IN USE on tests, during class, in the classroom. If I see it, you will be asked to leave class for the rest of the period. If your phone rings, LET IT RING. DO NOT TOUCH IT. DO NOT ANSWER IT.
  • If you miss a class, check the course outline to determine what work you must do, read the material in the text, do the homework.

Project Connections:     If you are a student with a learning disability and wish an accommodations or adaptive testing, please contact Project Connections, 732-906-2507, located in Johnson Learning Center, and provide me with the appropriate paperwork.

School Closing & Security:     If you have any questions or safety concerns, call the MCC Police Department at extension 2500 or call 911. To find out if school is closed use the weather phone number: 732-906-2555 or go to the college website.

Tests:     Tests are like job interviews made months in advance: Treat them as such. Don't miss a test. I DON'T GIVE MAKE UP TESTS. If you miss the final exam, you can not pass the course.

Enrollment in this Course:     Only students enrolled in this section and listed on the "Tenth Day Roster" are permitted to attend class and to complete graded assignments. Re-admission to this section requires official registration.

Class Cancellation:     If you miss class or the class is cancelled, review the material on your own.

Write a short letter to introduce yourself to me. Answer at least all of these questions.
a. How many credits are you taking this semester?
b.How many hours a week do you work at a paying job or for your family at home?
c. How long ago did you take your last math course?
d. READ this letter AND the "Grading & Cheating Policy" linked through your section's home page. Once you have done this, write in your letter the sentence "I have read and understood the 'Grading Policy & Cheating Policy' and the class policies outlined in the prof's letter."
e. Tell me some things about yourself.
    Your letter is due one week after class begins and will only be collected that day.   [MC,i. Home] © 3/2018, Agnes Azzolino