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Samples . Pre Calculus
      a.) -6 [ -3 - 2(5 - 3)]
      b.) 1 - cos2
      y = 3x + 4
Expand & Simplify:
      a.) asymptote
      b.) end behavior
[Words] library     Graph papers       Three Trig Planes Graph Paper

Calculator Reference 1 - Change Mode, Store Number, Evaluate Expression .gif  
Calculator Reference 2 - Zooming Feature .htm    
Calculator Reference 3 - Solve an Equation w/Solver .gif  
Calculator Reference 4 - Derivatives and Numerical Integration

Laws of Exponents & Logs
Cheat Sheets of Trig Identities
Sheet 1 - Pythagorean Identities, Cofunctions, Odd/Even Functions
Sheet 2 - Sine, Cosine, & Tangent of the Sums & Differences
Sheet 3 - Double & Half Angle Formulas
Trig Stuff - Veronica's Bow Tie & All Students Take Calculus
Samples Limits
Show the algebra and calculus required to prove:
Take the limit as x approaches ...
Limits connect-the-dots
SamplesDerivatives & Their Applixcations, Including Graphing
Given y= x² +4x+4    State y' and y''

Derivative of Sine & Cosine   -- full blown 4-page sketches ** Use this

Derivatives connect-the-dots
Calculator Reference 4 - Derivatives and Numerical Integration
    TI Derivative, Definite Integral Program
Parent Functions, Their Slope Functions, and Area Functions
Use a Pencil to Take a Derivative or Antiderivative of Sine & Cosine Functions
Derivative &Antiderivative Cheat Sheets-- derivatives, Trig and Hyperbolic Integrations
      pdf format page 1 jpg   page 2 jpg   page 3 jpg   page 4 jpg
Derivative Calculator at

Implicit Differentiation

Related Rates
First & Second Derivative Tests use DerAnyFx, use 3 - any f(x): x, f(x), f'(x), f''(x)
SamplesAntiderivatives, Antiderivatives by Substitution Rule, Definite Integrals, Areas
ReimannSums.gsp -- n=8 and 32 LEFT, RIGHT, MIDPOINT slide [a,b] and set [a,b]
ReimannSumNotes.pdf -- for taking notes

TI Derivative, Definite Integral Program
Casa Omar -- Antiderivative connect-the-dots
Integral Calculator at
Arithmetic -- Integration Tricks/Techniques
Take an Antiderivative by Substitution
Parent Functions, Their Slope Functions, and Area Functions
SamplesFundamental Theorem of Calculus
SamplesVelocity and Net Change
SamplesInverse Functions
SamplesLogarithmic and Exponential Functions & Models
Exponential or Power Functions
Program to "Find" e
A Bit about e, the base of the Natural Logs
Even More About e, the base of the Natural Logs
Linear vs Exponential Growth
Log Papers
SamplesDifferential Equations
SamplesNumerical Integration
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