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Bring A Printed Copy to Class the Day the (Textbook Section) is on the Course Outline.
   : 1. (Section 1.3-1.6) Limits connect-the-dots
2. (Section 2.3) Statement of Basic Derivative BLANK      
3. (Section 2.3) Statements of Basic Derivative and Antiderivatives, CHEAT SHEET
4. (Section 2.1-2.5) Derivatives Connect-the-dots
5. (Section 2.7) Pre Derivatives of Inverse Functions Review
6A. (Section 5.1-5.2) Casa Omar, Integration Connect-the-dots
6B. (Section 5.3) Summation Connect-the-dots
7. (Section 5.4) TI Calculator Calculus Functions Run as Graphing Features
8. (Section 5.4) TI Derivative, Definite Integral Program
9. (Section 5.4) TI Programming Menu & Keys
Internet Calculators
Derivative Calculator at
Integral Calculator at
Instant Reference Material:
Graphs of "all" precalc & calc I functions     Summary of "all" functions     The Library of Functions     Symbols & words in gif format
Other Resources
This Stuff Looks Like:       Topics and Links
Samples Pre Calculus
      a.) -6 [ -3 - 2(5 - 3)]
      b.) 1 - cos2
      y = 3x + 4
Expand & Simplify:
      a.) asymptote
      b.) end behavior
[Words] library     Graph papers       Three Trig Planes Graph Paper

Calculator Reference 1 - Change Mode, Store Number, Evaluate Expression .gif  
Calculator Reference 2 - Zooming Feature .htm    
Calculator Reference 3 - Solve an Equation w/Solver .gif  
Calculator Reference 4 - Derivatives and Numerical Integration

Laws of Exponents & Logs
Cheat Sheets of Trig Identities
Sheet 1 - Pythagorean Identities, Cofunctions, Odd/Even Functions
Sheet 2 - Sine, Cosine, & Tangent of the Sums & Differences
Sheet 3 - Double & Half Angle Formulas
Trig Stuff - Veronica's Bow Tie & All Students Take Calculus
Samples Limits
Show the algebra and calculus required to prove:
Take the limit as x approaches ...
Limits connect-the-dots
SamplesDerivatives & Their Applixcations, Including Graphing
Given y= x² +4x+4    State y' and y''

Differentiation Rules
Derivatives connect-the-dots
DerivSin   -- full blown 4-page sketches ** Use this
Calculator Reference 4 - Derivatives and Numerical Integration
    TI Derivative, Definite Integral Program
Parent Functions, Their Slope Functions, and Area Functions
Use a Pencil to Take a Derivative or Antiderivative of Sine & Cosine Functions
Derivative &Antiderivative Cheat Sheets-- derivatives, Trig and Hyperbolic Integrations
      pdf format page 1 jpg   page 2 jpg   page 3 jpg   page 4 jpg
Derivative Calculator at

Implicit Differentiation

Related Rates

Arc Functions & Their Derivatives
First & Second Derivative Tests use DerAnyFx, use 3 - any f(x): x, f(x), f'(x), f''(x)
SamplesAntiderivatives, Antiderivatives by Substitution Rule, Definite Integrals, Areas
ReimannSums.gsp -- n=8 and 32 LEFT, RIGHT, MIDPOINT slide [a,b] and set [a,b]
ReimannSumNotes.pdf -- for taking notes

TI Derivative, Definite Integral Program
Casa Omar -- Antiderivative connect-the-dots
Integral Calculator at
Arithmetic -- Integration Tricks/Techniques
Take an Antiderivative by Substitution
Parent Functions, Their Slope Functions, and Area Functions
SamplesFundamental Theorem of Calculus
FTC Summary Pg 1     FTC Summary Pg 2
SamplesVelocity and Net Change
SamplesInverse Functions
SamplesLogarithmic and Exponential Functions & Models
Exponential or Power Functions
Program to "Find" e
A Bit about e, the base of the Natural Logs
Even More About e, the base of the Natural Logs
Linear vs Exponential Growth
Log Papers
SamplesDifferential Equations
SamplesNumerical Integration
SamplesHistory of Calculus

The Calculus Controversy -- gotthegist, Published on 20 May 2010
      and other youtube math videos
50+ Centuries of Computation in a 21st-Century Format
Ancient Egyptian Multiplication, Division, Root Extraction -- Computation
Other Resources 
TI Derivative, Definite Integral Program. You write the TI84 program in your calculator.
Derivative Calculator at
Integral Calculator at

Student-Suggested Links, Spring 2021
Neil McPherson · Professor Leonard Calc I Playlist
Kyle Leone · Differentials
· integrals
· Integration by substitution
Sri Satya (Meena) Vellala · integrals
· anti derivatives
Isabel Sananes · related rates problem
Kush Patel · Riemann sums

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