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1/13/87: 100 words, some pictures

In less than 30 days, the 1986-1987 semester break, the first version of MATH SPOKEN HERE! was written by Middlesex County College math professor Agnes Azzolino. It contained over 100 words, most with illustrations, but did not include a definition for "zero."

The dictionary was part of an ESL (English as a Second Language)-math-media grant and M. Eileen Hanson, Ed. D. was the principal investigator. The grant even included the creation of video-taped lessons which were recorded but not edited.

8/29/1995: 460 words, many pictures, word lists, a promise of sound

With 1995 came the 460-entry revision of the dictionary. It included an illustration with nearly every entry, 5 essays, and a definition for both "zero" and "zoom." It also promised someday that sound would be introduced.

5/26/99: 460 words, many pictures, word lists, completely electronic, a promise of lessons, SOUND!

Today that sound is a reality. The web book MATH SPOKEN HERE! has a sound clip which pronounces each word. It all sorts of other good stuff.

Summer 1999: lessons!

More good stuff is in progress. The groups of related word, the essays, and the dictionary entries will form the basis on Internet instruction on specific topics.

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