Test Results © 2003, 2008, Agnes Azzolino
Inspired by the work of Ruth Hoffman, Delaware

How Do You See Test Results?
Like this , or this , or this , or with more depth, like this ?

  • dark green is mastered material,
  • light green is somewhat mastered material, and
  • white is unmastered material.
    And consider the possibilities.

Add Color
To A Regular Display
    This is a stardard analysis of student performance, but with color added as described above.
    Note that because it is a multiple guess test, there is no partial credit indicated.
    Clearly illustrated is one perfect paper and class-wide poor performance on questions 22 and 33. It is hard to see any other trends.
To A Sorted Display
    A more useful analysis sorts:
  • best student performance on the left
  • best mastered material on the bottom.
    It is very easy to see that questions other than 22 and 33 were problematic, and that 11, 29, 2, and 27 were mastered by everyone.

Illustrate A Desired Goal
Desired Performance on Final Exam
    Desirable semester-end performance might look like this -- the bulk of the material learned by most of the students.
With planning, Growth is the rule rather than the exception.
    See semester-long achievement. Watch the green grow!
    See individual steps in the process.
First Day PreTest (grade dominant) (question dominant)
First Test
Second Test
Third Test
Final Exam
    This type of encouragement is not possible in a situation where team effort is not an academic goal or where one may not discuss class or student performance on a test. This author feels that is a loss to all.

© 2003, 2008, 2010 A. Azzolino
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