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Printing and Communications Support
Phone: x3409
Location: EX 

FAX, Printing and Communications
Phone: x732-906-4687
Location: EX 

mcc help dsk  x4251
mcc police is x3500
facilities management is .............
 key #16 is for room  MH170  the printer
 key #34 is for room  MH183 my office
 key #9  is for room  MH119
--------------------------  new 9/15/2018 ----------------
          Sphere.    Cylinder.       Axis.  Prism.     Add
 OD.    -2.5.          +0.75.        180.   Blank.    +2.50
 OS.     -.75.          Blank.        Blank.  Blank.   +2.50
jan 31 Mr Handyman, pm sink
March 7, 4pm. , dentist
March 22, 2019, Friday,  Precalculus Conference

eyes:    201-666-4014
vnacj: 732-888-4149
dentist: laser dentistry 732-842-7010
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 PResenter	pi()r^2forcircle
read:        100 years of solitude
Mari Menard
AMATYC Traveling Workshop Coordinator
Professor of Mathematics
Lone Star College - Kingwood