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Your Computer's Spreadsheet  
    On this page learn how to:
  • Zoom in or out to see more or fewer cells at once on a worksheet or page.
  • Print an area of a worksheet or page.

    Go to the index page for other spreadsheet techniques.



    Zoom on the spreadsheet is similar to zoom on a calculator -- it makes larger or smaller the view on the screen.

    The zoom menu permits the user to choose the scale at which the spreadsheet page is displayed --- regular at 100%, enlarged at 200%, or smaller scale and larger area at other percents. See the examples below.

    To change the viewing window, click on the down arrow, highlight the desired scale, press enter. The viewing window may be changed at anytime one is not in the middle of doing something else -- typing a formula, making a graph, etc.


1st: Zoom to show the entire area you need to print so
you may determine how many pages it will take to do the job the way you wish.
2nd: Select the desired area of the spreadsheet page
you wish to printed.

3rd: Use the File menu to File, Print Area, Set Print Area.
This may be done with Alt + F, then T, then S.
4th: Use the File menu to File, Print Preview.
This may be done with Alt + F, then V.
5th: If you don't like what you get in the Preview Menu,
select Setup, to adjust the area you wish to print.
6th: Edit as desired (choose portrait or landscape & 100% or fit-to-page) to achieve your printing goal.
7th: Select "OK" and edit as desired, then Print.


Last Class Class Home spread sheet notes Class Table Next Class

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