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Statistics Lab 1 - Probability, Expected Value

Today you will:
  • Complete a survey.
  • Open, edit, and save a spreadsheet by creating self-computing cells
    to do probability problems.
  • Show the completed work to the prof.
  • Email the completed work to yourself and the prof.
  • Be reminded of the TEST and homework assignment.

1. Survey
Please complete the survey then return to this page.
full-time     part-time
male     female    
African American
American Indian
Asian American
Hispanic American
Math Anxiety:
Enter a number using the scale below:
0 1 2 3 4
none    very little       some    more than some very high
Computer Projected Notes & Web Copies:
Enter a number using the scale below:
0 1 2 3 4
really don't like them    don't like them    don't care do like them really like them
Comments on anything:
2. Open A Spreadsheet
Download the Lab 1 spreadsheet and save it by naming it with your first and last name in a location you can find. Close it. Open Excel and open your spreadsheet.
3. Paste A Picture in the Spreadsheet
Right click on the picture below. Copy it. Paste it in the blue area of the spreadsheet using Ctrl + V.
4. Use the self-computing cells to write decimal values for the probabilities
5. Create a 4-column table to compute expected value, much as we used in class.
  • The first column should be Event.
  • The next column should be P(Event).
  • The third column should be Amount.
  • The fourth column should be titled P(Event) · (Amount) and each cell in the column should be created using a formula which multiplies P(Evnet) time the (Amount).
          Use the formula =P(A)*(Amount) in each column.
  • The last cell in the last column should compute the sum.
          Use the formula =sum(...) where ... is the cells which need to be added.
6. Use the self-computing cells to compute the expected value of the following game.
Draw a piece out of the pot.
If a # is drawn, one wins $50.
If a 0 is drawn, one wins $10.
If an X is drawn, one pays $20.
7. Show the prof your spreadsheet.
8. Email your spread sheet to yourself and to your prof (
9. Homework:
a.Study for the TEST.
b. Complete your "Cheat Sheet" to hand in for a grade.
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