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Computation Resources
  • statsc.xls - a spread sheet that computes means, standard deviations, z-scores, and probabilities, expected values
  • stat.xls - a spread sheet completed computes needed for hypothesis tests


  • Fall 2012, Statistics I Labs
  • Lab 1 - "Middles"
        Basic Vocabulary: data point, sample, population, parameter, frequency
        The paramenters called Center: average, mean, mode, median (2nd quartile, 50th percentile), midrange.
  • Lab 2 - "Spreads and Positions in Ordered Data"
        The parameters that measure Spreads: range, inner quartile range (IQR), standard deviation, variance
        1st quartile (25th percentile, median of the lower 50% of all data),
        2nd quartile (median, 50th percentile),
        3rd quartile (75th percentile, median of the upper 50% of all data )
        percentiles, z-scores, highest score, lowest score, outliers
  • Lab 3 - "Some Distribution Defined by Shape or Name"
    uniform, skewed to the left, skewed to the right, binomial, bell-shaped, uniform, U-shaped, J-shaped, reverse J-shaped , normal, Chi-Squared
  • Freshman Math Lab 1 - Probability, Expected Value
  • Freshman Math Lab 2 - Measures of Center and Spread
  • Freshman Math Lab 3 - Normal Distribution Probabilities and Also A Circle Graph
  • Freshman Math Lab 4 - Write & answer a "between," a "below," & an "above" probability problem.
  • Freshman Math Lab 5 - Expected Value
  • Statistics Lab 3 - Boxplots, Inner Quartile Range
  • Statistics Lab 4 - Measures of Center and Spread
  • Statistics Lab 5 - Probability Problems
  • Vocabulary
    average   data   frequency   mean   median   mode   range   stanine   standard deviation   z-score

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