Make A Liter Bottle

Materials Needed:
· a plastic 2-liter bottle (with the top removed)
· a permanent marking pen
· at least 1 liter of liquid (colored preferred)
· a ruler (to be used as a straight edge)
· a measuring cup with metric units
Click to enlarge picture.
1st: Prepare the empty 2liter-bottle by
removing the top with a razor blade.
2nd: Draw a vertical line on the side of
the bottle using the ruler and marker.
Use one side of the vertical line to mark
and label milliliters in increments of 100.
On the other side (optional) mark and label cups.
3rd: Fill the measuring cup with 200 mL of liquid.
4th: Pour the 200 mL into the plastic bottle.
5th: Mark and label 200 mL.
6th: Repeat this process until 1 liter or
1000 mL has been filled and marked.
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