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Using the Transcription


The transcription that appears on the Phoenetic Transcriptions & Abbreviations Page is for your use and benefit. When you come to a word in the dictionary that you do not know how to say, you should:

  1. refer to the phonetic transcription of the word that appears below the word and above the picture and is written between two slash marks. An example is the word "addend" which should be pronounced as:
  2. hear the word spoken by using the HEAR IT button on the page.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the symbols in this word, you should refer to the Phoenetic Transcription & Abbreviations Page for help.

If you do not know the symbol


for example, you can find it in the Phoenetic Transcription Page or on the Transcription Page on which the sample sounds of three common English words: "mat," "half," and "cat" also appears and may be heard. If you how to say any one of these three words, you will know which vowel sound to say in the first syllable of the word "addend."

Thus, you should use the HEAR IT button, the phonetic transcription of the word in the definition, and the Transcription Table or Phoenetic Transcription Page for help in learning to recognize and pronounce all of the words in this book.

The consonant sounds are presented in the Phoenetic Transcription Page with examples of their occurrence in a word's initial, medial, and final position. This means that you are given an example of the sound when it occurs at the beginning of a word, in the middle of a word, and at the end of the word. The consonant sounds are also grouped according to the types of sounds. All "stop" sounds occur together, and so on. In contrast, the vowel sounds are presented in word medial and final positions.

I hope the phonetic transcriptions are helpful for you. It is good to keep in mind that pronouncing a word correctly is just as important as understanding its meaning.


Lisa F. Knight

Aberdeen, NJ 07747

August 24, 1995

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