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      If you do not get an email receipt within 24 hours for this assignment or any assignment sent via your class email, send a message to me using the pink message area on my math.htm page.

This quiz is a form to fill out and submit.

1. Download a copy of the file onto your computer.
2. Save it as instructed. Here are samples
3. Put your name and color on EVERY file you send.
4. In the subject line of the email, write: (for example)
LastName FirstName     Lastname.Firstname.YT1Bpg2.gif
5. Email it as an attachment to:
            · BLUE class use
            · GREEN class use
            · YELLOW class use
      DO NOT submit multiple copies. Be careful and proof read before you send the file.
      DO NOT send a zip file. Use only the formats listed in the examples.
      DO NOT "invite me" to a file-sharing program to obtain your work as shown above on the right..
            · Down-load and save your work first, then,
            · email it as instructed in steps 2, 3, 4.
      DO NOT send any communication any file to school. I will not grade or reply to your communication.
      DO NOT send an attachment the pink box on the math page. The technology does not support this.
7. For a screen capture use:
      in Windows:     Shift + Windows + s          
      with Apple:     Command Shift 4
8. Follow the instructions in the RED BOX!   [MC,i. Home] © 11/11/2020, Agnes Azzolino