Summer 1993

      Once upon a time, my son and I were speaking to a group of parents and teachers about the math games we played. After the talk, a man from the group asked me to write a book about our games, and so this book was born.

      It's a textbook of games for children of ages two through seven meant to be read by adults. Scanning or skimming is encouraged. Within groups, games are usually listed from the basic to the more sophisticated or advanced. Charts at the end of the book will help you to decide which games to play at a given time. Trust your judgement as to readiness of a child or class for the playing of a particular game. Indicators are listed with each game to help you make the right decision. Back off, simplify, modify, and improve upon a game but always provide success and some challenge. If the words used in the text don't seen right, don't use them. Use your own. Make the game your own. These games can provide initial and continual mathematical experience for children as young as two.

      Special people enter each of our lives and we rejoice in the support, examples, advise, or even the scoldings they give us. Such people abound in my life: my son, my parents, my family, and my friends. Thank you, Michael Vinik, for your help in creating and playing the games in this book. Thank you, Sue Ross, for making the original manuscript ready for publication. Thank you, Ron Ruemmeler, for helping to refine the games and for proofreading the text.

      As a parent, I encourage you to give these experiences to your children. A readiness to learn and a rich background of experiences are developed not in the school, but in the home. Make the investment of time and provide these thing for your children before the opportunity is lost. If they grow through the playing of these games, my fairy tale will have a happy ending.

I wish you many happy endings!
Agnes Azzolino
Keyport, NJ

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